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A theory in reprograming

I have a theory.                                                                                                Several discussions about reprograming, deprograming, and Internal Enslavement have led my mind to wander.   Many of the things that we do with behavioral changes have several things in common.                                                A. we are using proven techniques, gleened from … Continue reading

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The Big Picture part 1

The Big Picture part 1 Many of my readers who know me quite well, would not be surprised to find that I don’t believe in the Black and white argument. Some of them have even seen me successfully argue a … Continue reading

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A life well lived

I have traveled across this great land of ours, with 18 wheels of steel and rubber. 80,000 pounds of rolling thunder. Hauling fruits and vegtables from Texas and California, to the Midwest. Pork from Iowa across the great Ohio. Steel … Continue reading

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Reason and Logic part 1 Religion

REASON AND LOGIC part 1 RELIGION I don’t think that any one subject in human history has ever been more controversial. No single one thing has both united people and torn them apart. Religion has forged alliances between people who … Continue reading

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Should vs Reality

I have been accused by people who have just met me of being cold and heartless, simply because I quite often refuse to accept the either/or arguments put forward in daily conversation. I don’t believe in the “black or white” … Continue reading

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Naval Gazing with Schroedinger

All my life I have been acutely aware of one glaring fact…I am not like most other people. No, I don’t mean in the “I have an extra toe or three” type different, but in the “I have absolutely nothing … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Howdy,                                                                                                                                                       I decided to do this blog because to be honest sometimes I think too much and this is the kind of stuff that keeps me up late at night. Some of it might be controversial, some of it is … Continue reading

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