Pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.                                                                  

Now what brings me to this subject is something that I have been noticing quite a bit. We as humans dabble in schadenfreude quite a bit. Let me be clear in that by dabbling, I mean the little schadenfreudes that we see on TV (funniest home videos) and you tube (failblogs, ect). In this post I am absolutely NOT talking about those.  I am talking about BIG SCHADENFREUDE, a phenomenon that I have noticed while perusing atheist podcasts and cable acess television shows.  On one such show (The Atheist Experiance….also available on you tube as well as live streaming) it is not only not unusuall , but actually quite common.     The Atheist Experiance is a live call in show based in Austin Texas, with a world wide audiance. People of any religious or non religious persuation are encouraged to call in and ask questions or even (for the foolhardy) to try and convert the hosts.                         

Now, I can almost guess where you ~think~ that this is going, but you are probably wrong.                                                                                                                              

I see it time and time again, a “christian” calls in and trys to use very flawed and circular logic to prove the existance of not only “A GOD” , but THEIR God. Faced with flawed and circular logic, the hosts do the only thing that they can, they refute it, quite well I might add. Why shouldn’t they?  Most of them didn’t just “fall into” atheism, or were “born into” it theway that most “christians” are. In fact one of the hosts (Matt Dillahunty) was actually studying for the ministry when he ran up against inconsistancies that he could not, through the bible or science reconcile.                                                                                                           

What surprises me, and indeed infuriates me is the response given by a large number of these “christians” when their arguments are refuted and shown to be full of more holes than your average screen door, not to mention when they are just repeating creationist propoganda that is not only incorrect, but in many cases totally fabricated (I guess that it is okay to lie if you are doing it for “GOD”, right  Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron, and Kent Hovind?…..oooh sorry Kent is in prison for fraud and tax evasion, so I guess that the government didn’t buy that argument).                                                            

Why is it that when they have failed to “convert” an atheist or follower of some religion other than christianity, many christians gleefully and triumphantly exclaim that they will be in heaven laughing their heads off while the atheist or other religions are frying,burning forever in hell?                                                             

What kind of SICK MINDED individual actually TAKES JOY in learning that (according to their religion) another human being is bound to be TORTURED for ETERNITY for the simple act of not being able to believe in their specific deity or a deity at all?                                                                                                                    

To clarify, I am not talking about Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot or even Adolph Hitler.  I am talking about sweet Mrs. Johnston across the street, who regularly volunteers three times a week down at the local animal shelter, who donates money time and resources to work at the local homeless shelter, who tutors academically challenged children, who knitted an afghan for your mother and helped your family out with meals while your mother was going through chemotherapy, who just happens to be a wiccan.                                                                                                                                  

I am talking about Mr. Smith, WWII veteran , awardee of the purple heart as well as numerous awards for valor, who always has a kind word for everyone, even after his wife of 50+years passed away suddenly. Mr. Smith who even though he now has to use a walker to get around , goes out of way to help anybody in need, who drove your wife and child to the ER when johnny fell out of the tree and broke his arm, while you were at work and had the only car, who just happens to be a jew.

I am talking about Mr. Papadopolis who owns and runs the local apliance repair business who came out in the middle of the night to fix your furnace when nobody else would, and knowing that money was tight for your family, refused to accept even gas money, much less charge you for the emergency service. Just so that your family would have heat in the middle of January, who just happens to be an atheist.                                                                                            

It also includes Mr.Chen who happens to be Buddist, Mrs. Masaki who happens to be shinto, Mr.Chowdry who is hindu, That Fahtina girl that hangs out with your daughter…btw she’s  muslim, and that other girl…umbhutu or something, yeah I don’t know what religion she is, though I’m pretty sure that it involves killing goats or something, but still, she’s a sweet girl, quiet , respectable always calls you maam or sir, but yeah the one that helped you move that three ton sleeper sofa up the flight of stairs, without a complaint…she even offered to help, while the movers just dumped it out of the back of the truck and drove off, , the one who comforted your little boy when he fell off of his bike and banged up his knee pretty badly, she even walked him home and made sure that a responcible adult knew about his injury….yep her too.        

WHY would you take JOY in thinking that YOUR GOD, is going to send anybody to hell to be TORTURED FOREVER?                                                                     

Perhaps you don’t understand the concept of forever. Let me enlighten you.    Science says that the universe is roughly 14.5 BILLION years old. The Earth is only about 4.5 Billion years old.  4.5 billion looks like this 4,500,000,000. thats 4 thousand 5 hundred Million years. A stack of 14.5 Billion pennys (a penny is .052 in thick) would be 62,833,333…. feet tall or 11,900 MILES tall! That’s just pennys!                                                                                                                           

Forever ie infinity is so much larger that nobody can really imagine such imensity! It NEVER ends. If all the lifetimes of all the humans that ever lived were added up it still would not even come close, even if you added in all the atoms in the entire universe you would still not come close….                                   

The observable universe contains about 3 to 100 × 1022 stars (30 sextillion to a septillion stars), organized in more than 80 billion galaxies, which themselves form clusters and superclusters.

Two approximate calculations give the number of atoms in the observable universe to be close to 10 to the 80th power.                                                                     

Infinity is even larger, it is larger than a googol (10 to the 100th power) , it is larger than a googolplex (10 to a googol power) .  Infinity NEVER ENDS. If it ever did end it would be finite.     You could take a billion years each to study each and every single atom in the enire universe and every single  dimention and still have an infinity of time left over! You can’t ever run out of infinity, because if you ever did, it would not be infinity, it would be a finite time. A hugely improbable time, but finite non the less.                                                                                           

If you think that ANYBODY, EVER deserves to be tortured forever for ANYTHING, then YOU are as big of a monster (an understatement if ever I heard one) as your “god”.                                                                                                     


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