A theory in reprograming

I have a theory.                                                                                               
Several discussions about reprograming, deprograming, and Internal Enslavement have led my mind to wander.   Many of the things that we do with behavioral changes have several things in common.                                             

  A. we are using proven techniques, gleened from years if not centuries of valuable, if  morally dubious, research.           

 B many of us have built apon the research with our own trial and error methods.                  
C Many of us are doing, full time, with willing and knowlageable partners what a lot of behavioral phychologist could only~DREAM~ of doing,  namely willingly altering a person with their knowlage to become “something” other than what theyoriginally were, with a specific goal in mind, on a large scale, altering large sectors of behavior.                                                                                           

We are of course, not engaging in “the forbidden experiment”  but that aside we are about as close as science can get to it. 

All this has led me to think “what does behavior modification, addiction and intelligence have in common”?  Neural pathways!   The human brain is a remarkable piece of hardware. With  the exception of a few medical oddities and some chemical differences  from person to person, it remains basically exactly alike from person to person.                                

Think of it (the brain) as a giant building that houses a shipping and recieving  and warehousing business.  The worlds largest library.                                    
Some people have well laid out and easily utilized shelves, others have stuff stacked just inside the doorway.  Some paths into “the stacks” are well traveled and have worn paths into the carpet if the brain, others have stacks of “stuff” parked in the pathways to certain areas. 
What makes the difference between an Einstein, Tesla, Hawking, Edison, Buckminister Fuller, Marconi, ect versus the kid who pumps your gas down at the local petrol station, the “guru who spends  his entire life contemplating the existance of GOD or the homemaker who is content to take care of her family without needing to know how or why the universe works the way that it does?                                                    
What is the root of  “personality” ? What drives some people to actively seek answers to the life the universe and everything? Why do some people seem to feel content to just eat, breathe, screw, and basicly just exist?                                                   

Some people would point to the nature versus nurture studdies. BUT that only answers part of the question and is highly influenced by  chemical interactions within the brain itself.Not to mention free will.   Some would say it was education, but eons of  virtually uneducated  or self educated inventors  would seem to disprove that assumption. Nor does it take into acount child prodigys. 
Some would say it was a result of their environment during formative years.                                                  

I would postulate that while all these things are indeed factors, that they are infact just a part of the story.             

When we are born we have already a set of simple nerogenic pathways much like a simple computer.  EAT, Sleep, Remove bodily wastes, Sense of “self” as a seperate identity (though this one seems to be a bit vague at first). and LEARN.                                                                                                                                                 

 While all of  these can be manipulated somewhat it is the latter (LEARN) that influences everything else.    It is in fact what we learn and how we learn (a form of learning in of itself) that influences everything else for the rest of our lives.                         
We as humans build neuro pathways every single day. Everytime you do something new you create a new pathway, everytime you repeate an action you strengthen that pathway.  This is why many people use expressions like “I could find it in the dark with my eyes closed” or “I know (X) like the back of my hand” . They are saying that, THAT particular neuro pathway within their brain is well traveled. All events within our life are catalogued, some are placed way in the back up on high shelves and difficult to acess unless specifically directed to do so (a good example would be hypnotic regression) while others through more useage are placed in a more easily accessable locale or have pathways “cleared” to be able to access them.      

The human brain is remarkable in that it not only creates neural pathways but also creates “receptors” for chemical stimulai.  A chief example of this is the nicotonic receptor that is created within the brain of smokers in place of or along side of the other acetylcholine receptors. Another good example would be Epinephrine receptors, commonly referend to as adreniline.{“Adrenaline junkie is a term used to describe somebody who appears to be addicted to epinephrine (endogenous) and such a person is sometimes described as getting a “high” from life. Adrenaline junkies appear to favour stressful activities for the release of epinephrine as a stress response. Whether or not the positive response is caused specifically by epinephrine is difficult to determine, as endorphins are also released during the fight-or-flight response to such activities.”}             

My theory is that with enough time and correct stimulation you ~Could~ in fact alter the kid at the corner gas station or the happy hommaker into virtually anything.  Am I saying that you could create the next Einstein or  Hawking? Well, yes in a way I am.  Given the correct subject, the  correct length of time and the correct stimulai.                                                                                 

What exactly ~IS~ that correct time and stimulai?  AHH that is ~THE~ question, and one that would be in part effected by individual chemistry as well as effecting individual chemistry. ie you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, but given enough sow’s ears you could make a nice leather one, or something else even.        

One problem that does arise is that in order to know the exact results you have to know what you are starting with. If you begin with someone who’s able to give you that information, then you have somebody who has already been altered to somepoint, and are thus having to undue some neural pathways that have already been built, while at the same time strengthening others. 

If however you take the path of “the forbidden experiment” then you find yourself with naught but cursury chemical information. To use a phrase from physics…”you can measure direction, velocity or position, but the measurement of one effects the others, so it is not possible to measure all three at any one time”.             
So, while you can alter a person and their intelligence, cognative abilities, and behavior, you can never alter all of them and still be completely sure of the outcome.                                                                                 

Let’s dip our toes theoretically into “the forbidden experiment” for a moment shall we. First in order to have a subject that we can understand wholly we must infact build it from the genetic level. DNA sequencing, properly manipulated in order to control  “variables” such as chemical imbalances and the proverbial “wildcard” mutations. Next we have to find a place to house our experiment.                                                                                                                                        

Since ALL experiances build pathways we need to have one in which we control all stimulai (not an easy task, dare I say even, nigh impossible). temperature, light, information, sound, human interactions….While the human body is perfect for the incubation, it provides it’s own problems with stimulai which while some of it is desirus, needed even, much of it is superflous and detrimental even to the “pure science” approach.                                        
Assuming that we could even come up with an approprate incubator, we would then have to have a plan for directing the development of desirous behaviour, ie learning, which would encompass all aspects, from human interaction to thought processes. Language and vocabulary are a particularly difficult subject as they are often relative and subject to things such as tone, inflection, stops, as well as local and regional accents and usage. The same word/s in one region may mean something totally different in another.                                                                        
All of this must be accomplished within a relatively short time period of 20 years or so.  Quite a feat considering the millions of years that have gone into making us what we are today.                                                           

Actually when you consider all the variables, all the things that can go wrong, all the different interactions, personal foibles, misguided attempts at education, incorrect information ect…it is a wonder that any of us is able to communicate at all with another human without causing a fight to break out (note* there are those people who seem to have that inate ability to just totally piss people off with a word) much less that any single one of us would rise to be an Einstein. Edison, Tesla, Fuller or Hawking.                                                                                                           

 While I believe that is posssble to alter somebody without their knowlage and co-operation (evidence of this exists with stockholm syndrome and many P.O.W.s ) it is my belief that the results will be much more consistant and satisfactory with the subject’s foreknowlage and willing co-operation.                                                                                                        

Since, as we have discovered, it is both morally wrong and misguided (as well as a logistical nightmare) to experiment with those who have no history muddieng up the waters, and cannot consent we have to satisfy our selves with those with a past who are willing participants in their own alteration (besides it comes with …..other….rather nice perks.                     

What I am about to put down here is NOT bdsm 101. Hell, it’s not even 301. What you’re about to read can be dangerous. So dont do it, mmmkay?

How to begin:                                                                                                                

First have a goal…..what do you want to accomplish? intelligence, servitude, dependance.   What if anything do you want to eliminate?  fears, willfullness, stubbornness, memories….                                  

Lets just assume that we want to create a person who is very intelligent, yet servile, who has no real phobias, and is only stubborn in her servitude to us, with no memories of life before you.   yeah I know standard HNG wank fodder…..but it’s a good example.                               
Now the closer to this that your subject is to begin with, the better obviously, and the more of the negative traits to begin with that we can eliminate ahead of time the easier our task will be.Unfortunately we rarely if ever find those kinds of people. We do afterall live in the real world.                                                                         

There are many routes that we can take towards our goal, and with a willing and consenting person, it should open up even more of them and make our task quite a bit easier than it otherwise would be.                                                

Personally the method that I like is a combination of several, well known though rarely recognized techniques.               

 Isolation -remove the subject from all of their familiar support systems. Friends, Family, television, radio ect. The subject should have no contact with anybody but their reprogramer, with occational periods of indeterminate time periods of total isolation, with all external stimuli removed including anything that could be used to tell the passage of time. Any light that is allowed in should be filtered to eliminate any concept of the source.                        
Removal of the subject’s sense of self identity-You should remove anything that the subject uses to identify themselves, shave their head, shave their body, take away their familiar clothing and replace it with something “drab” and “unflattering”. This is to be their “uniform”. In addition you can make it something that is easily removable and/or makes it impossible for the subject to cover themselves from your view.                                         

Objectification-You treat the subject as an object. Eliminate the idea that the subject is a person. Their wants and desires are of no consequence. Fulfillment of their needs is kept to the barest minimum. Everything revolves around your schedule.   

Regimentation and interuption. Keep the subject off balance. Early morning wakeups and exercise. Wake up in the middle of the night? perfect time for some good old sadistic fun, how about a naked run through the woods followed by a nice cold shower in the front yard from the garden hose, only to be sent back to bed wet or possibly into “the box”.                    

Deprivation – being kept naked, bald, in silence, in the dark.                                  
Hunger – being fed too little over a prolonged period.A human being in basically decent physical health can survive a surprisingly long time on a very restricted diet.                                          
Humiliation – having to piss or shit yourself because of restraints.                            
Degradation – being used sexually without consent.                                              
Violence – being beaten for non-compliance or attitude.                                          

People who are on enforced fasts often hallucinate and become overly emotional. These altered states can be used to your advantage. Very often, less than a single week can dramatically and semi-permanently alter her view of you for the better.

Once your subject sees you very clearly as it’s only hope of getting out of what’s happening to it, the subject will begin to see things from your viewpoint and to empathize with you.
I think, hypothetically speaking, that the subject’s hope of getting out of what’s happening is rather irrelevant. It’s it’s hope of getting a drink of water, or maybe another miserable dry turkey sandwich on white bread, that really makes it thrilled to see you.

Once you’re to the point where you’ve got your subject’s total focus, you can indoctrinate the subject however. By then, for the subject, it’s not about getting out of there. It’s about it’s doing her damnedest to make you inclined to coming back.

Not letting the subject out of the exercise until that thought (of getting out) is pretty well vanquished is significant.

 Humans are wired to survive, from the tips of our toes to the crown of our heads. We’re extremely interested in surviving.

The human mind begins to do some truly odd shit when the body has been placed in a situation where survival is threatened. I’m not saying that the ‘captor’ is actually threatening to kill the subject, merely that the body begins to act like it’s threatened even if the mind knows better.

Using this survival instinct against the mind is what this reprogramming is about.

If the subject goes through a week of the above treatment, and there’s appropriate positive and negative reinforcement  mixed in there like… bad subject drinks pee to go along with it’s water, good subject gets a zero calorie throat lozenge with it’s water, etc… then near the end of that week,the subject’s body becomes it’s mind’s enemy. It’s screaming for the subject to submit  totally, and fully, in order to make the turmoil end.

The subject begins to see you as the only possible pathway to food, water, companionship, and possibly release. That’s powerful.                                                                       
The whole point of this exercise is to use the body’s natural weaknesses to aid in breaking down the mental walls against submitting and opening up the subconscious to a full aceptance of a new paradigm.

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