The Atheist’s argument

Many people hold the belief that Atheists actively disbelieve in a god or “higher power.While I am sure that it certainly could be true for a very few, I doubt that it really so for most. I’ll use the sunrise example. Nobody is out there waving signs and actively stating that the sun will rise tommorrow morning. Experiance tells us that it will. The earth has a rather long standing (and probably painfully annoying, at least to some people right about now) habit of not stoping in it’s rotation. Why positively assert what experiance tells us will happen anyway?                                                 

I think that where many people misunderstand aetheists is, that  atheists cannot understand how an otherwise rational, logical thinking being can deny those very things that have shown to teach, grow, and indeed over the eons probably in at the very least one way, saved our very lives and even allowed us to be born as we are in the first place. Experiance, reason and Logic.

Aetheists are merely responding to the argument for a higher power.  An argument which; though no proof has been shown ,because it requires no proof of it’s self, merely “belief”, a large number of people declare to be won, and inundate people with propoganda decaring the argument over, despite repeated denials from people who genuinely seek to know the truth, that the argument is indeed over, and that all the evidence has been reviewed under the microscopes of reason and logic and that the evidence, under those very same micoscopes of reason and logic point toward a higher power being the only logical and rational conclusion..  

If  A/The god created everything….
Then god created all people, in all of their many forms ways of thinking.
Then god created people who seek answers.                              
God created people who use logic and reason for science and medicine.
Why should a god be upset when those same people, turn those very same minds towards knowing it?
Any omnipotent, omnicient, benevolent, being (and especially one that wanted to be recognized as so)would provide evidence of it’s existance.

Atheists are responding to logical fallacys.
Atheists are responding to mis-information, mis understanding of the evidence, and in many cases outright lies that are used to support theisim.
Atheists are responding to the assertion that a particular belief is evidence and proof of it’s self, and that absolutely no other evidence is necessary. That the very assertion by it’s own self, that it and it alone is to be trusted as the only repository of the true valulable knowlage in the known universe, and that any knowlage or logic which would seem to point in another direction, is by default either misinterperated or completely and utterly incorrect in all areas where it does so, is proof of it’s own certainty of being true.

Aetheist don’t believe that all religion will ever be eliminated, ( ), rather they belive that the idea and concepts of  those things that we call reason and logic to be superior in the overall good to the continued existance and betterment of mankind, and would hope to see the day when those who would reject that thought would be in the minority.                  
Atheists believe in the freedom to experiment and to find answers for any question that we as mankind might have.
Atheists belive that we have an obligation as well as normal curiosity to know as much about the universe that we live in; and that any thought process which allows, nay requires, the censoring of information and learning, Which requires the observer to accept as true, that which he demonstrably knows to be untrue in any other circumstance; to be inherantly evil or unproductive to the betterment of mankind.

Aetheists are responding to the claim that the existance of a god/deity/or higher power is self evident. The mere fact that many people don’t believe in a higher power precisely because it is not self evident renders that argument impotent.

Atheists don’t want you to give up your thinking and reasoning. Aetheists don’t want you to become an atheists because your parents were, or because you were born in America/Russia/Norway ect.  Atheists don’t ever want you to stop questioning, anything, ever, and especially atheism.

Terry pratchett’s the hogfather …this is one of the best explainations of religion that I have seen

Atheist believe that using a sole individual self verifying source as the entire basis for all knowlage and against which all new knowlage was to be judged as to it’s truthfullness, is folly, and not only leads to bad logic, bad reasoning and bad science, but lends itself too easily to being manipulated for the oppression of mankind and the elevation of a single otherwise unremarkable person as the single unassailable spokesman of god and all that is good in the universe.

Why are Atheists so angry?

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