Is it any wonder that people are conflicted and confused?

I was raised in a very christian household. By very christian, I mean going to church sunday morning, sunday evening, wednesday night (unless there was a revival going on, then your weeknights were shot until it was over, usually about a week), I mean I was read bible stories at bedtime until I was about 5, I mean that in my teens both of my parents were ordained as ministers, so that my father could finally quit his civil service job 6 months before retirement, and take his “dream job” of working for a missionary organization, I mean that until the age of 20 or so, I “felt led” to become a missionary bush pilot and actually trained and got my pilot’s license for that purpose and was working on several more ratings to go along with it. We had several family friends who were missionaries in Jordan and Zimbabwe, and later a couple in Nepal. In my 10th year of school I actually asked my parents to send me to a christian high school.        

Yep, I was pretty thoroughly indoctrinated. Yet, even at a young age I still had questions. I still saw many areas of the bible that I felt did not completely jive with what I was being told in church. I tried asking serious questions. Almost every single time, without fail I was either rebuked or was given a demonstrably flimsy answer, though mostly it was being rebuked for the “sin of doubting”, which is kind of ironic, because I didn’t actually have any real doubts about “GOD”, merely questions about the how and whys. What was I not seeing? What was I not comprehending?   
If God created Adam and Eve as the first people, who did Cain and Seth take as wives to continue the race of man? If the answer is their sisters, then isn’t that incest?                                                  
Why did God put the tree of knowlage in the garden of eden if he didn’t want Adam and Eve to eat of it? Why even create the thing in the first place?                                                                   
If Adam and Eve did not have “knowlage of good and evil” before eating from the tree, then why would God punish them? It is not like they had any knowlage of good and evil.
Genesis 2:17 says that God told Adam and Eve that “on the day that ye shall eat of the tree, Ye shall surely die”, while Genesis 3:4-5 says that the serpant told Eve that they would not die. Didn’t the serpant tell the truth and didn’t God lie?  

Genesis 4:14 tells us that apon being sent away, Cain told God that “everyone that findeth me shall slay me”, and 15 tells us that God “put a mark on Cain, lest any finding him should kill him”. Who are all of these people and where did they come from? I mean we only have 4 males and one female listed so far, One of which is dead, and they are all in the same family. You could hold a family reunion in your average residental bathroom. So where did all of these other people come from? Why the need to put a “mark” on cazy Uncle Cain? It’s not like the rest of the family doesn’t know that he killed his brother Able.                            
Yeah,…It pretty much goes down hill from there….                     
Soloman was (according to the bible) the wisest man that ever lived, and he had 300 wives and 600 concubines. His Father David had several wives, Even Abraham had a wife and a concubine, yet preachers tell us that Marriage was designed to be between a single man and a single woman. Yet there is not one single commandment saying how many wives you should have, did God simply neglect that one, or forget and leave it out? Or is it that he really doesn’t care? I mean, there is a commandment about putting fringes on the corners of your garments, I would think that marriage is a much more serious and pertinate matter. There are commandments about WHO you can marry, why not clarify the “how many” part? There are 613 commandments, would 614 have been such a difficult thing?    

David was “a man after god’s own heart” yet he aparently had no problem seducing Bathsheba while her hubby was off to war. Why is he raised up as an example to follow btw? It is a pretty scuzzy thing to do. Any soldier I know would kick his ass for that! As a matter of fact they and their entire squad might kick his ass! They certainly wouldn’t raise him up as an example, unless it was on his own pitard as an example of what will get your ass kicked.

Elisha the disciple of Elijah (who is supposed to have recieved a double portion of Elijah’s spirit) in 2 kings 2:23-24 is said to have cursed “in the name of the lord” children that were mocking his bald head outside of Bethel, so that two bears came out of the woods and killed 42 of them. So aparently it is true that great power corrupts, but taking it out on children and having 42 of them killed? THIS is supposed to be a man of god?

But these are all fallable humans you say. Alright let’s just look at a “perfect human”.                                     

 Jesus and the fig tree. In mark 11:12-14 Jesus is comming from/or going to Bethany and is hungry, so he sees a fig tree with leaves and decides to pick some figs to eat. Unfortunately it is out of season for figs (you would think living in Israel AND being “the Son of “God” that he would know that wouldn’t you)So anyway, he gets upset and curses the tree, causing it to whither and die (though whether it was immediately or later depends on which account Mathew 21:18-20 or Mark’s version that you read, also mathew says that he was entering the city not leaving it…which is correct?) So why would he kill a tree just because he forgot which season it was? It sounds more than a tad bit childish to me. Isn’t that like stubbing your toe on a chair and then getting mad at the chair that you both made AND placed there? It’s not the chair’s fault that you are an idiot.
Now most xians would say that he was making some sort of point about people not being fruitfull being cast out of the kingdom of God. I don’t buy that. There are so many better ways to make that analogy without comming off as both an idiot and a complete douche. Seriously if a 12 yo thinks that you act like a douche…you might want to re-examine your methods.

These are but a VERY few of the many questions that I had as a child. Since when did asking a simple and serious question become a sin? Since when did it become blasphomy? If a child can find some pretty big holes in your philosophy and moral standards, you might want to take a second look.
That’s like rule numer 12 in the evil overlords rule book. You would think that an omnipotant, omnicient diety would think of these things.
Really for an omnipotant, omnicient being he certainly has problems communicating his thoughts and ideas in a way that is not confusing and leads to doubts.

Perhaps it would have been a bit easier had it not been for that whole “Tower of Bable” incident. So how tall does a tower to the heavens have to be to piss off an omnipotent, omnicent, omnibenevolent god?                                                 Remembering that they were building using mud bricks, probably not that tall, and I seriously doubt that that it was the 800+ meters of the Buri Khalifa tower in Dubai. It took the egyptians 20+ years using stone and tens of thousands of workers to build the pyramids which are only about 150 meters tall,out of much stronger granite, and we still have examples of their numerous failures abandoned in the desert of Egypt. If they HAD built anything near that big, using stone age architectural knowlage and mud bricks, the base would have been so large as to still be visible from space, much like the pyramids of Egypt are today, especially in a desert.

I was taught to follow the ten commandments including the whole bit on murder. Yet the same diety that gave that law also in Judges 11:29-40 “came apon Jephthan” and “he vowed a vow with the lord that if god shall without fail deliver the Ammonites into mine hands, then what-soever comes forth of the doors of my house to meet me, when I return in peace from the children of Ammon, surely shall be the lord’s and I will offer it up for a burnt offering” Jephthan won the battle and apon returning home his daughter came out of his house to meet him. After allowing her two months to “bewail her virginity” in the mountains Jephthan offered her up as a sacrifice and burnt offering to the lord. Now if god is omnicent and omnipotant, that means that he not only KNEW in advance who would step out of that door, but since he allowed Jephthan to win the battle, he condoned in advance her as a human sacrifice. Not only that, but he aparently did nothing to disuade Jephtan from sacrificing his daughter, nor to keep the daughter inside the house.

That same deity also commanded complete genocide (men, women, children and cattle) on numerous occations, and on at least one occation Numbers 31, commanded  Moses to go to war against the Mideonites and slay all of the Mideonite males. After the war, when all of the captives were gathered together, Moses commanded that all of the “males amongst the little ones” be killed, “also every woman who has known man by laying with him, BUT all of the women children (no apostrophy) that have not known a man by laying with them ,keep alive for yourselves. Now if Moses was a man of god as we are told, then he just advocated the rape of little girls! Yet there is no mention in the bible of God telling him to do anything differant, no punishment as he did when Moses hit a rock instead of speaking to it to bring forth water as God commanded him, Not even a rebuking, or having a stern talking to.  Having read the christian apologetics on this scripture I am appalled! They all seem to find a way to justify child rape in this instance.     

With biblical morals and contradictions like this, is it any wonder that xians are conflicted? How do you justify genocide, child rape, murder, adultary, increadable claims …with the idea of a omnipotant, omnicent, omnipresent, omnibenevolent, compassionate deity.

Oh, and for those of you who would say “that was the old testament law” or “that was the old testament angry god” …Jesus said in Mathew 5:18 “I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.”                            EARTH IS STILL HERE!

Malachi 3:6 says “For I am the LORD, I do not change; Therefore you are not consumed, O sons of Jacob”. So god says that he doesn’t change.        

 None of this even begins to start on the letters of Saul/Paul who contradicts both himself as well as the rest of the bible in seeminly every single letter that he writes. Paul is more than a tad schitzophrenic about his christianity/jewish heritidge.

Seriously the man was a complete nutter. He can’t seem to keep one single consistancy throughout his texts. He rails against the Romans, yet he himself was a Roman citizen, he rails against the Jews, yet ~gasp~ surprise, he is a Jew. He claims to have met Jesus in spirit while traveling, yet the bible seems a bit unclear as to whether or not his companions also saw Jesus, one verse says no, another says yes. 

And people wondered why I have questions…..

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