A view of the scratchpad

Okay, so it has been way too long since I last posted here. So in lieu of  a real topic, I thought that I might give you all a (Rare) view of my scratch pad.  This is a culmination of begun but never finished topics, Quotes,   thoughts that flit through my insomnia adled brain at 3am, Answers to blog/vlog  posts and anything else that happened to wind up here by hook or by crook.  These aren’t edited so please pardon any spelling/puntuation errors. Oh and enjoy…or not….whatever.

According to an engineering site at Washington University: ” there are ~10^14 atoms in an ordinary human cell.” That’s, 100000000000000 atoms … or 100,000,000,000,000 or one hundred Trillion.

Christianity is based on the idea that life is a grande scripted interactive game play for some other more powerfull entity which exists in another dimention and whos interactions with this universe cannot be conclusively proven.

You cannot name ONE evolutionary scientist in history who lied, who falsified evidence to promote evolution over creationism, conversely you cannot find ANY creationist who did NOT lie while promoting creationism over evolution.  AronRa

The common unconscious acceptance of high tech video surveilance throughout large aspects of our daily routines on a routine basis, combined with the commonality of video material being stored on a computer that is hooked up to the internet, as well as propensity for people to ensure that the most embarassing or socially unacceptable and uncouth videos at any given time are selected for semi permenat or permenant storage in a publicaly accesable media, virtually ensures that at some future time, your great grandchildren will be able to view the moment and act of their own grandparents conception.

The entirety of the summ totals of the creationist/evolutionist argument is this; The creationists first makes the supposition of an unseen, superior  entity who requires that you believe only in it and that which it chooses to tell you through it’s self appointed human clergy; before asking any questions. Only answers that agree with statements made by the entity (through it’s self appointed human clergy of course) can be considered as valid or true.
The Evolutionist however asks the question “what does the evidence show?” “How do we know this to be true and acurate?”

Ironically for the creationists/Intelligent design  crowd, since evolution is only a small part of the sciences as a whole, that the ideology of creationism is opposition to (abiogenesis, physics, mathmatics, genetics, germ theory, astronomy, astrophysics, and every other science or scientific theory) as long as either one persists, the argument will never end. Since the Game is science, the playing field is the physical universe, the ball is the scientific method, both goals are verifyable and falsifiable knowlage about how the universe works, and the only team to show up dressed to play is the scientists…..the ending is a bit of a foregone conclusion. Look, the game is science not theology or philosophy or anything else for that matter. We just want to know exactly why things are the way that they are and demand evidence as proof.You don’t get to walk on to our playing field and assert that we should play your game in which you are both teams, judges and referees, and in which you are declared winner by default , before either team even takes the field, and in which the loser (science) is subject to censure, inprisonment, slavery, subjugation, and even extermination and planned extinction by the winner. The field is here, this physical universe. Feel free to go over to the next field and play all you want, but you don’t get to demand that just because you win something on your field that it means that you therefore won on our field too. Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way, if you want to win here, you play here. It’s a bit like tiger woods claiming to have won the World Series in baseball (rounders for some of you) just becuse he is so good at golf. WTF?
Now here in the game of science, While it’s mostly on the honor system, when you claim making a goal, we require evidence both physical and repeatable. No evidence, no goal. Video tape is nice, repeating it is even better. Now about our ball, it’s pretty much what makes this game of science. You see if you use our ball, then any goal that you truly make with it is automatically repeatable by default. Now about the goals. We don’t care how many goals that you make, really we don’t, we would love for you to make a few goals because the whole goal of the game is for everybody on the field to make as many goals as possible, then everybody wins. The only real stickler that we have is that you keep claiming the goals  in your game and on your field should be the same as the goals in our game and on our field, and that a win in your game and on your field means that be default you win in this game on this field. Sorry, no mulligans, you chose your game, you don’t get to say that it means that you automatically win ours too. Your ball isn’t even the same shape as ours and it changes shape size and color  and rules with each player. Why are you even wearing knee pads? What kind of chest pad do you have there….wait why are there wires attatched to your chest pads? No you can’t bring your sword, we don’t need to hack off anybody’s hand just because they make a goal….we like goals, any of them….really I’m telling you we do. They just have to be HONEST goals.

People like to think that the universe has order. The universe has laws. Things appear to be in order because we are part of this universe. We are built in this universe. We follow it’s laws whether we want to or not. We cannot help but follow it’s laws as we are built out of the stuff of the universe.
Re supporting the troops, While I cannot disagree more with your particular point of view, I certainly  find threats of violance or even wishing of violance to befall, equally if not more repugnant.  The troops made an agreement with Us as the government. In exchange for an acceptance of certain limits on their rights including the right to life, the government promises that the soldier will be used in a manner that is adventageous in the defense of this nation and in a manner acceptable with human rights. For every grunt on the line there are 100 supporting troops. They push papers and turn wrenches, serve meals and pump gas, they build hospitals and help the populus. For many of them war means little or no increase in work. Yet their whole purpose is towards aiding the soldier in the field. There is no choice between good and evil. If I fix a plane that takes pictures of camps where terrorists are training to assault my fellow countrymen, and because of those pictures, a terrorist is stopped, even if that included “Deadly Force”, my actions though completely inocent of it , have far reaching repurcushions.
I have a customer who has only one eye. Aparently he lost the eye and part of the surrounding are in Iraq or Afganistan. The thing is, that he has a bad prothstetic, no…I mean BAD, as in horrid, as in whoever created that….that travesty of protstetics,  should be taken out and shot…repeatedly. The thing that really sets it off though is that the thing is not only outlined as if with a sharpie, but some right bastard gave him “the crazy guy eye”. The eye is modeled as if in a “fully open” position, which is NOT how we spend the vast majority of our time. So here is his left eye looking at you calmly as he discusses the price of a tire and meanwhile his right eye is unblinkingly staring at you as if it is continplating exactly how many power tools he will get to use on you before you expire. The whole thing is just a tad bit disconcerting.

I don’t exactly dis-believe in a god. In fact, in the case of an infinite universe, the existance of a single all knowing, and therefore all powerfull omni-dimentional being, has to mathmaticaly be not only a possibility, but a certainty. Where I differ with you is in the definition of that being, as well as in it’s actions and in the reasons that things are the way that they are and act the way that they act. I reject your image of it as a petty, petulant, semi and sometimes omnicient omni malicious uber daddy and Lord Master figure. The diety that I see is in every single atom that acts the way that it does. It is the sum total of every single atom in the multiverse acting that way that it does. It exists because it exists. The true I AM that I AM. A Infinite number of possibilities which can occur using well defined laws set down and agreed apon by each and every sub particle in existance as well as those who will ever come into existance. Of course that also means that,mathmatically at least one of the universal possibilities is that, that being, is a miniature invisible pink unicorn. So maybe we should take it with a grain of salt huh?
*”One of the easiest ways to stump someone that believes in evolution and naturalism is to simply bring up ‘origins’. Make sure you have your milk and cookies ready for the story time event you’re about to sit through. However, from a creationists perspective, origins are a non issue as both the idea and the empirical evidence fit nicely with an intelligence like God.”*

So your reasoning for accepting creationism even against all verifiable facts to the contrary, is that, “It’s easier” ?

If history has taught us anything it is that faith or religious belief has nothing to do with being moral.
Space time and matter have only two possible states, that being zero and one. Off or on. When compressed to a singularity, then spacetime is “OFF” ie there is no time and all time is now. All and none, never and forever. Spacetime is relative. Spacetime ceases to mean anything in the “off” position.
The more equaly matched two things are (or at least believe so), the less likely they are to “go to war” and the more likly they are to either keep a neutral and equidistant stance, or to join together as equals for mutual benefit.
Schroedingers cat says simply that any atom is both “On” or “Off” at the same time, but the simply observation of the atom requires that “the Natural Physical Laws of the Universe” reveal those decisions which it can detect. Ie those which operate acording to the laws of this universe.
The Uncertainty principle says simply, that we cannot know anything until we know it and that once we know one aspect of it, we can never know any other aspect of it at that exact moment. Thus leading us to be unable to predict  with any acurace where it will be or where it will go or even WHEN it will be next. To put it susinctly, “There is uncertainty.”
Everything is both the cause of , as well as the actions of everything else.
Any time a government asserts itself as having rights that supercede those of it’s citizens, It shows what it’s ultimate intentions are if allowed to continue unabated. EG A government that asserts it’s right to conscript any of it’s citizens that it wants and when it feels it needs to, FULLY intends to do so more and more freely and more and more often, with less and less scruitany and oversight, for more and more minor reasons until eventually all citizens will be conscripted and become property of the government.
One reason that creationist fight so hard is the theory of evolution attacts the very first foundational myth of theists with testable facts.

One of true sexism’s best example of how we see and feel about gender, is figure skating. Imagine (or watch) any Pairs or couples figure skating. Now imagine/replace the woman with another man (or alternately just watch “Blades of Glory”) Does it seem awkward or out of place? Are you kind of “squicked”? Does it make you uncomfortable? Do you think it is funny? What about *funny*? Does the image of two men touching in those ways do something to you or for you?
Do not confuse forthrighness with crassness. There are times when there is only ONE thing that can be fully, truthfully,  said. eg “Dude, your breath reeks”. Short susinct statement of fact(and no I am not going to entertain the question of whether it is subjective fact or objective fact, for our purposes today it is a statement of fact, held aloft by it’s own assertion of it is truth, ….kind of like the bible).
Crass is pointing it out to “Dude and/or girlfriend (even better if you can get a twofer without also getting a busted lip) and then suggesting that she (or rather certain anatomical gender specific parts of the female human reproductive system) along with certain private (well usually) intimate acts of love (or lust) of a less than “catholic” bent, might be the cause of it and then pantomiming it out for her just incase she had problems understanding your words when slurred past that fist sized wad of Nicotiana Tobacum, stuffed like a rodent carrying his hoarded food, between your cheek and gums.

For those of you who attempt to rebutt the anti-same sex marriage side’s claim that “legalizing same sex marriages will allow human/animal marriages to become legal”, by using the argument of “the animal is unable to consent” Yeah, don’t do that guys. First off as the owner of several animals with quite unique and very individual personalities, I can tell you that they certainly do know how to consent or disconcent to anything that they care to.
Bath time, baby girl consents, not particularly happy to but she relents, cry baby does not concent, yet refuses to fight a losing battle just to wind up wet anyway, he just hopes that giving you the sad eyes will make you relent just this once. Big…..”hey where the fuck is he”? Big relents willingly only if his mommy gives him the bath. Otherwise his name is “Casper  the pissed off, ain’t NO fucking way that you are getting me in that shower, ghost”. I swear that he is like a trained soldier, that bastard finds cover and lays waiting for you to either go away or assault his much stronger (oak tables are nice cover) position, with what amounts to as 30 lbs of solid teeth and muscles. And that is just for a bath. So please, either be much more specific, or find another argument. Quit feeding the ignorant trolls, you are only giving them ammo for later. I swear to science, if you make the argument so easy to win that all some idiot has to do is pull out a photo of Koko the guerrila with her kitten (two animals consenting to a relationship of sorts)…..I will fucking hunt you down and have you shipped off to North Korea!

For all of you that want “intelligent Design” taught in our schools, “Grow the FUCK UP!” This isn’t churchy funtime playhouse anymore. THIS IS SPARTA! or more precisely the REAL WORLD! You know that place where actions have very real consequences. Where nature has LAWS and try as we might, we cannot break them. Where we FUCKING RELY on these laws every dammed day because we see them work! We KNOW living organisms evolve because we see it every fucking day in the lab and in the field aka nature. We chart and have charted the evolution of several species AS THEY EVOLVED! We use what we know about evolution to develop new vacines. It furthers our medical research in other fields.  Each discovery tells us something new about our universe. We use that knowlage to make futher dicoveries. Out of these disoveries has come medicine, cell phones, X-ray macines, microwave ovens(ever wonder why it was called the Amanna RADAR range? You could burn through a mig’s electronic umbrella with one of those.) Anyway the point being, we don’t just make up crap out of thin air. we do experiments and then publish what the data shows. It is one thing to SAY that it is dark at night, and another to show that cities are much less dark then rural areas, show why it gets dark at night, Discover and name as many stars, planets, and entire galaxies as possible and chart their position within the known universe, Learn to chase away the darkness even unto the point of outshining the sun if only in a limited area, And land a man on the face of a one time goddess Luna the moon. THAT my friend is what SCIENCE is! SCIENCE is FACT! Proved through testing and retesting, peer review, through a method which screens for truth, whatever it may be. Truth is testable, truth is falsifiable, truth can be reproduced, truth is whatever the natual laws say it is, because they say that it is……EVERY FUCKING TIME!
This is not a debate! We don’t care what your politics, what your religion, what your culture says. SHOW ME THE MONEY! and by money I mean science, Invest in some research (you know, hire some actuall scientists, get a lab, do a little field work, get dirty for once, put your careers where your mouth is and  publish a peer reviewed paper or two, show some evidence to back up your claims). I mean hey, if you’ve figured out something we wanna know about it. Granted, we are going to test it, but we do that for everything. If your hypothesis holds water then we’ll use it, heck we would be fools not to. You see it’s kind of our thing, we like to know how the universe works and why. And besides, can you imagine the GRANT money to study that! Daddy needs a new linear accelerator!
When that is the case you go wherever the evidence leads you. You see evolution is not about right or wrong, it doesn’t have a conscience it doesn’t even have a  conciousness. It doesn’t make value judgements, it isn’t nice and it really doesn’t give two shits about whether or not something is sexist. It is about who has the most babies and who doesn’t, it is about who’s babies survived long enough to have their own babies and who’s don’t. The thing is, science is a methodology of learning how out universe works in a way that produces repeatable, verifyable, falsifyable results. There is no such thing as “christian” science, or “Creation” science, there is only science and not science. So if you want your views taught within the classroom then come up with some of that stuff that we like to call scientific evidence.
I think that one thing that no xian seems to understand when it comes to science and creationism/intelligent design. Science is perfectly willing to accept any qualifing evidence (“qualifying” is defined as  empirical and properly documented in accordance with scientific method such as is applicable to the particular field of inquiry), for peer review. Realizing of course that while a scientist creatively develops a theory which may be falsified by testing the theory against evidence or known facts. While evidence can prove a theory wrong, by establishing facts that are inconsistent with the theory. In contrast, evidence cannot prove a theory correct, because other evidence, yet to be discovered, may exist that is inconsistent with the theory. Are you really sure that you want to be even doing this science stuff? Well honestly have creationists ever done ANY? You see, there is no such thing as a “christian” scientist or a “muslim” scientist.
You are either a “Scientist” or you aren’t. You see “science” is interested in the truth, whatever the evidence shows it is. We are kind of sticklers on that whole “evidence” part. Imagine the first guy that told fellow doctors that “bleeding” a patient might actually not be good for the patient and might in fact be doing harm.  OR the scorn and derision heaped on
Ignaz Semmelweis after he told doctors that they should wash their hands after doing autopsies and before delivering babies (not a common practice at the time).  Guess what…they had evidence and futher evidence has only reinforced their argument. Unless you doubt the science behind it and find it all “poppycock” in which case I will inform your OBGYN that you don’t feel his washing his hand necessary….Hey you know what I read last week that he just got a huge grant for his research on the Ebola virus….

The military in general and the individual services in particular are built apon a forced commonality of goals, types and hours of work performed, language and individual “dialects”  {Trust me, while a US Marine Corps Infantryman, US Army Tanker, a US Navy Machinist’s mate, and a US Air Force Pilot, may on the surface be speaking the same language, but their individual dialects of branch along with Officer/enlisted  (“High” military and “low” military) and job specialty, virtually ensures that they speak differant sub dialects. Although one does make the observation, that no matter which branch of service, all fighter pilots use their hands when talking.}
shared misery and the knowlage that they may be required to give their life for their job.
freedom of the press is only real important if we are going to offend someone, if we aren’t going to offend somebody then we don’t need protection of the first amendment.

Statistically somewhere in this world is a poor unlucky chap named Arthur Dent. But the true irony, would be if he was unaware of where his towel was, or why he should keep it with him at all times.

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