Gotcha…with commentary

*WARNING*WARNING*WARNING* This post will almost certainly piss EVERYBODY off due to it’s ….sensitive topic. Which in all honesty, is not the topic at all. So, ….honestly, don’t read it…I don’t want to deal with the backlash if you get offended. For those of you who have read my warning and still chooose to go on, I beg thee this, shouldest thou become disheartened or find thy corners bescowled, as I am want to believe that many will, choose not to cease thy litterary endevour, but rather continue on in assurance that all is not as it seems. or in other vernacular…Look, You read the FOOKING WARNING just like every ov`er knob `ere, Taint my fault that you got all up in your rafters about it, Just don’t bugger off and spread it allbout, leastwise not till you’ve seem me ending right?  Don’t be a fookin wanker…give it a fair shake before ya toss it in the bin with the rest of the rubbish.

Oh, okay folks, I found a challenge, both as a test of just how honest and completely unbiased you truely are, or as to just how predjudiced you are on any one supponalist/presupponalistic position before testing any one particular piece of “evidence”. Basically are you in general, a supposonalist or presupposonalist and what are the deviations. Breaking this down in a reasonable and coherant way to examine the evidence for BOTH sides of this argument, in a completely unbiased, unpredjudiced manner, before “believing” in anything. Judge yourself and explain your argument.

Are you ready? okay…I warned you…

“Hey , who is the adult and who is the minor?? Even if the minor is butt naked and have a come hither look, the adult should say ” get dressed and get out!!” Case closed!!”

Okay, those of you with pulsing veins, disqualify yourselves please. Racing heart, you too. Um those of you with religions… along, eternity through the third door on the right. Um any biggots still left in the room…..look!! somebody who is differant from you….also, third door on the right….What? No it’s not a conspiracy!!!but you know…there’s this guy that has evidence that the universe is ruled by the intergalactic overlords of….what? Oh sorry…third door on the right. Okay, anybody left state your cases for both sides or any opinion on this statement.X?=Y?=Z? until tested for acuracy or 1=0=-1=? Be honest now.

Man this should sell out on fucking pay per view, we’re gong to make a fucking mint!

I’ll start it out with the subjects of the question, first define the subjects  “adult” and “minor’ and explain any and all deviances from ANYWHERE AND AT ANY TIME, of the/your definition as well as the reasoning from excluding them from being both defined as an example of both existing and non existing as part of the definition yet classified as…You know what…just tell me if there are any instances of an adult being treated in any way like a non-adult, no I haven’t forgotten about you fetishists TYVM,… or a minor being treated as an non-minor in any way. Explain why your reasoning should be considered superiour over any other and specifially the opposite of your argument? ie why it should be incuded as a part of the definition in this case. Now, honestly argue why it should be included. Your final definition/s should include both legally and culturally as well as intellectually and mental facilities. List both accepted and non excepted deviances as well as citations for such. Don’t forget your bibliography folks….I’ll be checking,

accuracy counts in this one….What?  Yes you can use wikipedia, but only if you can show their referances….Okay….who’s left…What that arab guy? Really?… he doesn’t look Jewish…Okay, what’s his story? Step dad was a carpenter and mom got knocked up by a god? Sorry “THE GOD”… Claims that makes him a god too huh..oh sorry again, “THE GOD”… pardon me. REALLY? HE’s serious? But he’s still completely human huh? okay, let’s get a little background,… alright….Jesus, heh, funny, my gardener has the same name, anyway, Jesus, tell me when did your mother first meet your Bio-godhead father? Uh huh…12 you say?….Yeah,… sorry about that….What? oh third door on the right…no problem…Um your group will be kind of center right…don’t go too far or you will run into the Muslims, yeah they’re kind of new…well after your time but still…not as new as the Mormons…snicker yeah, I know…….or then of course there are your own people but um…yeah, Messianic Jewish Rabbi, … not really big with any of THAT crowd, and besides, you still owe temple dues for the past 2000 years, not to mention the chairitee commitee is looking for a really big sponser and well… you kind of owe it to them…you HAVE  skipped out on them for the last 2000 years you know…. oh and stay away from the Romans, they’re kind of grouchy this century,….REALLY! such language from a diety! Aren’t they your children too? Look, just go…no reason to use such language, I was just asking….Hand gestures? Really mature….Okay…where were we?

Look I’m just asking you to explain your answers in full….It’s not really that difficult is  it?…Well Epicurus made it.. More gestures? You’ve been hanging around with that Jesus guy haven’t you? Oh yeah? well why do I see so many of his followers do it? Uh huh, I thought so…Well if they strapped bombs to their chest would you….yeah, totally forgot about the Irish,  bad example I guess…Anyway, Lets get to the base of your argument here 10101010101010…..or……..or even more sucintly…………………..”it is because it is because it is because…”…..which I inprinciple agree with, except on a few relatively “minor” points on exactly where the emphasis (and apostrophies) should be put and on which words and exactly why….I know that it sounds minor, but my version works by PROVING THAT IT FUCKING WORKS!

From this we can predict how other things will act/react and then experiment to test our hypothesis again and again and again under any and every concievable condition, Working ever onward to learn as much as possible about everything in the universe. NOT merely saying so, and quoting yourself as proof. Try it, put your empasis(” “) and apostriophies anywhere and everywhere and try it out….woops found a whole new meaning or two there didn’t cha? When you have to show your work it gets a little more difficult and when your peers are checking you out and trying to blow holes in your  stuff it gets a lot more interesting, It’s kind of difficult to “Fake it and make it” when others want to see your tests and do them themselves….maybe even prove you wrong if they have a differant idea….but hey, turn around is fair play right?

The loser gets a riverside condo, in a van, under a bridge, down by the river…Yes,…”unless you go into religion or multi level marketing”…but that’s really the same thing though isn’t it?….

Look, I had some JWs come to my door last week and I swore that they were going to whip out an Amyway catalogue any minute…still, they did leave a “Watchtower” and promise to beback…”Killer” was hiding under the bed the whole time…I think that he’s traumatized…maybe for life…

Look the whole fucking point of this was for you to tell me exactly what is an adult and what is a “minor” ie “not an adult” and why? Because there really does not seem to be one general consensus…why doesn’t it mean the same thing everywhere under every condition? If they are “a minor”, why do we sometimes treat them as adults? I’m honestly not taking sides here….there just seem to be a few…incongruities, “here and there”, Like Prisons and death sentences and oh yeah, marriage and the like, and I would like that cleared up, because it makes conversation a whole lot easier when we are on the same page here…besides, I quite honestly I chose this as an interesting way to get you thinking…did it work?

Now please explain any examples of John Steinbeck‘s “Of Mice and Men’s character Lennie Small, and explain how this person is any less of a minor or any more of an adult than infamous Leopold and Loeb, .

Now explain your position on the rest of the statement……More gestures? I call bullshit, it’s that Jesus guy isn’t it? or is it Mohamed? Yeah, I’ve seen his act…back when he was still playing in a rather presbeterian, Bummfuck, Nowhere back in the 80’s. Before his followers determined that everybody everywhere had become fans too and right NOW! or die. Preferably die, since effort has to be expended to either possitively support their position or forcibly do so. Thus weeding out those most likely to subject their position ie”religion” to scrutiny or disention. Frankly his act isn’t that good and offends quite a few people. He frequently abuses his own audiance physically. I swear, They’re like GWAR groupies, they can’t get enough of this stuff!(BTW appologies to GWAR for any misundersanding about the comparison)

The guys really love it, and the girls…well not so much, but once the show starts you get locked in so there isn’t much you can do, (Islam that is, not a GWAR concert, I’m sure that GWAR would wish to ensure everybody that they believe in equal gore for everone). They say that there is some sort of subliminal, hypnotic force  that forces a lot of women to stay…

Something about dieing, possibly by murder at the hands of your own family and/or friends and members of your community, and that along with bringing irreperable shame on your family and thus lessening their status within the local community, you will be assured of an eternity of hell fire/gehenna/purgitory/reincarnations without ever evolving up the heiarchy of incarnations to nirvana/whatever…or possibly just having your body, your face, mutilated by fire or acid and thus lessening your ability to be able to support yourself or find anyone willing to support you thus insuring death by starvation, or a life of living with painfull scars and unhealed injuries caused by beatings after beatings, rape after rape, year after year… you know, little things like that.

Though some few do get out, and some find the less “enthusiastic” male members of the audience to protect them in exchange for lifetime exclusivity to them as sexual Partners and genetic incubators, preferably of more males,  There doesn’t seem to be an age restriction at the door for females and one does note that it was even originaly built with an ajoining “girls only” nursery…so there is that…

I hear you Jews over there…You got nothing to snicker over…So tell me…When in In Numbers 31:15-18, after his soldiers had killed all of the men among the Midianites, Moses ordered his army officers to kill all of the male children, kill all of the non-virgin females but to save alive all of the “women children” (no apostrophe) for his troops saying “for yourselves” did he mean as slaves or for rape? In what way were they to become property to be owned and used by and “for yourselves”?  “Women children” btw being understood as not being yet of the age of menses yet still possesing the external atributes of being female ie a vagina and probably above the age generally considered as an infant or baby. Though if that is true, then one must wonder what Moses did with the babys or those considered to be younger than “woman child”…soooooo……Was it “dash them apon the rocks” or “put them all to the sword” or maybe it was  a combination of “ripping their bellies open AND dashing apon the rocks”? YHVH was certainly quite fond of both, or hadn’t you noticed? “GOD KNOWS….don’tcha know!” *Facepalm*

I hear you Hindus too….you have ..what 5 differant castes who basis is primarily on how dark your skin is? And you’ve bred yourselves that way over centuries of time! WHY?…Oh and BTW don’t think that I haven’t heard of what Ghandi used to do to “test his fortitude of chasity” by sleeping with young virgins….and that he had admitted to not always being strong…or the age that many young girls are virtualy sold off in marriage is “as soon as possible”. We’re not even going to dicuss the whole Cows/monkeys/rats are holy thing now are we? How’s that rampant poverty and cow dung in the streets thing working out for ya?

Oh hey China..almost forgot that you were there…how old was your last Emperor when he assended the throne anyway? TWO years old…? That’s a big heap of adult responcibility for a two year old isn’t it? Ah, I see..he abdicated in 1912…he was six then wasn’t he? but how long did he remain in the fobidden city even as a well respected and semigoverning figurehead? until 1945 wasn’t it? Yeah, they even made an entire fucking Movie about it… so pretty much his entire childhood then right? Well minus two years…I’ll bet that I can find more….I seem to recall some pretty young princesses getting married off to a few generals, some warlords…you know…that kind of thing.

Hey, You guys all snuck out of your closet…I thought that we talked about this…You’ve all admitted to being biased or prejudiced on at least one major issue and allowing it to influance your reasoning facilties and set your default mode to “(X) user=admin access=YES!!! muhahahaha!” “I HATE PINK UNICORNS!!BECAUSEBecausebecause…THEY’RE EVIL! Yeah, that’s it, that’s the ticket…you see you are full of these things called Motoclorines and the evil EVIL! Pink Unicorns want to suck it all out of you and drain you and leave you empty so that they can fill you back up with Amoniamirites! Don’t even ASK where they suck it out of…It’s too disgusting, too perverted, but just remember cover your nose at all times lest you be tempeted to allow them to suck you off! Yeah Yeah…CAN I GET A WITNESS??!! YEAH! YEAH! yeah…, all you guys BACK IN THE FUCKING CLOSET! Jesus Christ!…No! I didn’t literally  mean YOU.  F*CK! Get back in the damned closet! Dammed Religion! Worse than a F*cking computer virus!

The thing is, each instance is completely individual from any other, while at the same time being influanced and caused to come into existance, due to the actions of every other incident. It’s the whole “Butterfly flaps it’s wings in Suffolk and causes typoon in Japan” senario, Cliche yes, but at the very core of it all, when push comes to shove, completely true. It’s all relative. So maybe we all need to just watch where the heck we flap our dammed wings…

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