Joan of Arc… and the male mind

I remember once reading an article about Joan of Arc, why people see her as somebody to emulate or Heroize.

The women saw her as indepentant and rebellious of misogonistic stereotypes. Proof that women were not only equal to but possibly even better suited to lead than men.

Men saw… “Heh look, hot chick in armour” *fap fap fap* “Not just, dude, …look, “YOUNG” hot chick in armour” *fap fap fap* “F*ckin AWESOME sword man!” “Hey, She’s just like your 23rd level Female Paladin”  “yeah, I am so drawing her as my Avatar!” “Hey look, she doesn’t sit side-saddle!”  “Yeah, ya know what that means don’tcha?” “Yeah, Hey, She’s leading this army?” “Heh, who cares, she can’t be any worse than that Charlie Bourbon guy.  You remember him, he was some Count er somthin over in Clermont.” “Yeah what an asshole, can you belive he made such a stink over a bunch of f*cking fish?” “yeah, tell me about it, I stunk for weeks and the wife wouldn’t even let me into the house! F*cking Herring Man!”  “Hey look! WE’RE WINNING!” “F*ckin Aye man! She’s hot AND she can lead a f*cking ARMY!” “That’s what my Female Paladin will be like when she reaches her max XP!”  “Yeah, I’d like to pray at her alter, if you get my…”    “Oh…Oh…OMG!”  “Hey Hey Hey! DUDE! DUDE!  Point that thing somewhere else!…OH,..NOT COOL DUDE! OH, SO NOT COOL!”

And now you know…..the rest of the story.

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