Something that I saw at work today reafirmed my slim hope for humanity.  It was nearing 4:30 in the afternoon and business had finaly begin to die down, though I note,  not totally disapear.  One of our mechanics noticed that a humming bird had gotten into our bays and in trying to escape had gotten up at our ceiling in a place that blocked his view of the outside and was up near some airconditioning ducts. Again and again he flew against the ceiling seeking a way out. Work stopped…men watched rapt in anticipation, trying to wish the little bird down enough to see it’s way out before it collsapsed from exaustion and fell from the sky. Men quietly prayed to the bird to hear their plea for it’s safety, barely daring to speak the words. Then they picked up bright orange safety cones and inverting them like members of the trumpet type of flower tried to attract the little bird down.  Enough sugar water to throw nearby diabetics into  a coma was prepared to feed the little bird when it came down.  Which it surely would, one way or another. Potential problems were evaluated. What would we do should it fall on one of the airconditioning ducts ? 5 adult men between the ages 18 and 55 stood around and tried to figure out how to save a humming bird 30 feet over their heads, then actively tested their “hunting skills” attempting to do so.

I do not know what happened to that little humming bird, as it was my time to leave. I do know that when work enivitably had to resume, hardly a pair of eyes was more than a few seconds away from  stollen glance up towards the ceiling, looking for the tiny blur.

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