I thought that I had already mailed that or “I really gotta get my **** together”

So I was going through some of my “mail” (read never finished or never posted thoughts) and came of with a few that I might post over the next little bit of time. As always, take everything in this post with a fist full of salt. I was just using it as a mental and writing exercise, but it does did into some real unusual territory, so if at any time you start to get angry…GO AWAY! I don’t want to hear it!

So as they say in showbiz…And AWAY WE GO!!!

Warrior or Threat?                                                                                                                        Cop-killer on the run declares war on LAPD                                                                          Chris Dorner Causes Police  State  Crackdown                                                                   Official Christopher Rambo Dorner Story                                                                                       Cops Believe Ex-Cop Christopher Dorner Never Left Cabin                                                Chris Dorner Torched Waco Style?

*note the last two headlines came after this was initially written, and to be honest, I have edited some, for spelling, punctuation and overall good grammar and flow of words, not to mention formatting these things which has occasionally  taken as long or longer than it did to write the whole thing in the first place, and which seems to be an ongoing experiment in frustration as evidenced in the formatting above…*sigh*. Not to mention the fact that I often do this with one hand, just because I’m lazy or something, and I frequently experience “FatFinger-itis” . Though it is still pretty much as it was in it’s original form. You see the point is…HAN SHOT FIRST!

Just a few of the many headlines and articles that have been barraging the American public over the past week about this person. Unlike most news subjects, this one actually got my attention. I mean lets face it, Yes, I saw the OJ white bronco police chase…..but only because it interupted star trek. Along with most of the “News” of the last 4 decades , I have a tendency to “miss” most celebrity ….well…anything….honestly I could give a shit about Kim Kardasian’s brother’s girlfriend’s dog’s psychic, and what she says. But this one is/was differant. You see, I actually know enough about this one to comment.

Chris, I understand, really I do. You have NO idea how much I understand and even empathise with you. That being said….Ya fucked up dude….screwed the pooch….ever heard the saying “Revenge is a dish best served cold”?….That goes for the planning too, dude!…First thing that you needed to have done is have a goal…a single, reachable goal…and let’s keep things proportionate now shall we? Yes they did illegal things…and I know that it feels as if they have stolen everything from you, but you ARE alive and breathing (or you were at this point). Now, I’ve always believed that if somebody tries to shoot you, then you should shoot them right back, it is only proper etiquite after all, but your case gives pause. As far as I have read, none of them have ever tried to kill you, though I admit that if one of them left ME dangling in that “Serpico second” I consider that attempted murder so, there is that. I personally would hunt a coward like that down and relish every hour that it took his ass to die under my ministrations.

Another thing……family…leave them the hell alone! Jesus F*CKING CHRIST! Have you done NO research? Do you know NOTHING of public sentiment? Okay, let’s look at this logically alright?  The Woman that you shot and killed…she was 28 yo, that means that in 2008 when all of this occured, she was 24…probably no longer living under her father’s roof and unaware of the minutia of his work life. I know, you want to hurt her father just like he did to you…the problem is #1 he didn’t shoot your mother and sister and #2 along with him you are punishing her for what HE did to you. OH, and her boyfriend…just totally out of the question! seriously, the only way that he was involved is because YOU fucking shot him! You are NOW offically a “Bad Guy”. FOCUS!!!

Look, It is quite obvious to me that you haven’t studied ANY of the public reaction to any mention of “innocents” during the Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City Federal building, or any of a hundred such headlines.  Public opinion is pretty unanimous, “innocents” are to be left alone. Taking hostages=bad, shooting hostages=worse, blowing up innocents and/or dropping buildings on them=totally unfuckingacceptable! shooting at a perp’s car with hostages inside=bad, shooting at matronly asian women while they deliver their morning paper route=worse. Let THEM piss off the public stupid! you know that they won’t be able to help themselves with this one…it would just be “them being themselves” only in the NATIONAL Public eye as opposed to merely local public eye. BTW “accidentally” burning down yet one more house under seige by “Government Law Enforcement Units”=totally unfuckingacceptable on a scale of so fucked up that it deserves everybody’s attention. As does shooting in the head,  an unarmed woman holding a baby…

Now, you need to communicate your thoughts …in LESS than 200 pages please! Can somebody PLEASE tell me why every unibomber/zodiac/BTK/”Righter of Social Wrongs” thinks that the world needs 200 pages of their drivel! If you absolutely MUST have those 200 pages, do us all a favor then and make them usefull by cataloging alphabetically by person, then chrologically by date, each incident, use a seperate page for any commentary. Double spaced please….my eyesight isn’t what it used to be. Make it your “big ole” end of shift report. Preferably something easily read and understood by a District Attorney.

Okay, so next let’s start planning….first off, be honest about your abilities. You were Naval Intelligence in a reserve unit. Being former Military Intelligence with an Active US Army unit that worked daily with your active duty Navy Intel buddies, that doesn’t impress me much. Probably half of my roomates over an 8 year period had a TS/SCI so what?  A career in intelligence rarely (with a few notable exceptions, and I can introduce you to a couple of real ones of those if you would like…) leads one to aquire a varied spectrum of combat and survival skills.  More on the order of “I never received an UNSATISFACTORY on any day or week.” (your quote)  The same can be said within the U.S. Naval Reserves. “All commanders will state that my report writing was always clear, concise, and impeccable. Even search my AAR (after action reports),chits, Memorandum’s, IIR’s (Intelligence Information Reports) which were written in the Navy. All were pristine.” (again your quote) …yeah that. Soooo ecencially you do good paperwork…nice.   Oh, and I wouldn’t brag about your “marksman”ship skills either. In the Army, somebody who qualifies as “Marksman” hits just over half of what they aim at….23-26/40 and nothing any soldier in his right mind would brag about unless he also added something about the worst hangover of his life and not being able to see anything past 100 meters through his black eye…and possibly a bent barrel as well. At least your 9mm score was decent…for a squid. All that being said…Why did you give them a copy of your supposed loadout? Your OPSEC and HUMINT sucks! And why even mention the manpads? Were you actually trying to get the military involved? Sorry, but they can’t…FBI, ATF and the National Gaurd can though, and we all know how they operate *cough*Ruby Ridge*cough cough*Waco……you chose…unwisely. Good job on that bragging about how intelligent, educated, well trained in tactics, in psyops, in combat arms, in unconventional warfare, ect ect ect…now I’m guaranteed to do my best to kill you, before you come and get me, and I can quite reasonably request and get just about any dammed piece of equiptment, arms, munitions, radios, National Guard, air cover (they can deal with the SA-7 Manpads), FBI/ATF/Homeland Security/Park Service/county/city/state police/and the fucking Game Warden…who knows maybe even the BLM and the National Gaurd….re-enact that scene out of Rambo….only this time there is no Colonel Trautman, “the only one who may be able to stop the terrible fate awaiting everyone involved”…..All because YOU bragged!! REAL F*CKING SMART IDIOT!!!

So now that you have effectively pissed in everybody’s wheaties…what are you going to do? Well what exactly is your goal here? Is it the physical death of each and every officer that you feel wronged you? If so, the answer is easy, go undercover…hide in plain sight, maybe a few well placed sniped shots…a couple of up close and personal, maybe a “Hi John” *Bang*BANG*BANG*BANG*BANG*BANG* “Bye John”…or the uber creepy…junior partner gets out to get coffee, comes back to find his senior partner dead with a slit throat…

You DON’T call in to radio talk shows! BUT IF YOU DO…different shows, differant stations each time please, oh and hey you could even vary Am vs Fm…or even *gasp* serius Satalite Radio….maybe Howard Stern or Don Imus and call from different places each time please…I’m sure that you have NO IDEA, though you should, just how easy it is to trace somebody nowadays. Forget that 2 and three minute crap…think 30 seconds or less given the correct equiptment. If I were to actually go thru the Telephone company computers….I could know exactly where you are, before the Radio show ‘s phone even rings once! The point is to get out YOUR message,to as large a media base as possible,  and possibly even a little bit of false information for the police (even better if you can get away with only “insinuating” it, and letting them draw their own conclusions. Trust me, the human mind will often go much farther than most people could even imagine, when allowed or lightly encouraged. It’s why pornography works…fantasy …imagination…because you and I both know that there is no way on Earth that you would have half a snowball’s chance in hell of ever going out with the object of your most recent masterbatory fantasy much less actually engaging in coitus.

Well, I’m not quite sure exactly what you accomplished by running up into the hills. In the city it was the police and you hiding among a few million citizens….in the hills it’s the police…and you…You are a big black man in a ski resort area, which i’m guessing to be a “predomonantly white neighborhood”  great if you happen to have an old abandoned hidden mine shaft that also comes out just down the street from the evil sherrif’s office. Well do you? In fact, just how much do you know about the part of the country that you ran to? I don’t mean forests in general either, although you should have some pretty good woodsmanship skills as well, No I mean Big Bear specifically. Are there caves? Abandoned mines? Some place to fucking hide and hole up a while? that is defensable? does it give a good view of the surrounding terrain? Do you have a place to store provisions? a backup ? that is secure? Food, Weapons and ammunition, Television/radio/internet media center/maps/Water/First Aid/……you should be able to hole up for about a week in each bunker/safe house, before needing to leave it. Btw…had you thought of alternate transportation? car,truck, atv, paraglider, canoe, snow cat, any fucking thing? Really, $5,000 and you could get a pilot’s license, $50.00 and you can get microsoft flight simulator which I understand has some pretty accurate graphics but is shite on landing. (tasteless jab, I know), the point being that aircraft are not that awfully difficult to hot wire and if you know what you are doing and have cased out your alternate vehicles ahead of time, it could be a couple of weeks before it is discovered missing.  For about half that amount you could be an owner operater of your very own paraglider…or perhaps ultralite aircraft…While your average tractor trailer is no speed demon, neither are they looked at that particularly hard when it comes to something that  insane ex cop would try to escape in…Though I do note that California police seemed to be checking there first, at least the back of the trucks…perhaps previous experiance?…anyway, if one chooses correctly you could get one of these for at least a couple of days… Okay, drop phones….tell me that you have about ten of them…right? Ham? CB? FRS for sanity’s sake? Well at least you have a police scanner right?…..right? …I’m not liking where this is going… Do you mean to tell me that what little you planned this through, what tiny amount of gear you have amassed, your “superiour survival skills” ….when you wrecked your truck you just left it all…seriously why didn’t you at least take the stuff that was “manportable” ? Those Barret’s that you bragged about having would come to mind here, as would an M-60 7.62NATO. or a LAW or an M-16 or that SA-7 Manpads, or that tent, or the fishing supplies or any one of the other hundred of things that might be usefull in this situation….All of it…When your truck crashed, you abandoned and set fire to all of it…great example of not doing well with the decision making under stress.  At the very least, you should have attempted to drag it all off to bury in a cache nearby.

“If you’re really trying to kill all those people, if that’s really your plan, and you’re a great tactician, then you don’t tell people,” said Jim Clemente, a retired behavioral analyst for the FBI. “You don’t tell LAPD in advance so they can put a bunch of bodyguards on people.”  SEE!!! I told you!

Well, I see that you tried to steal a boat and the Pull rope gave you some problems….you were naval reserve, weren’t you? Did you not learn basic seamanship? Are you seeing the irony?  I’m guessing that you did very little preplanning. You could have put a 14ft john boat and engine in the back of your truck for less than a thousand dollars and not had to worry about stealing a boat. It also gives you a whole lot more unpredictability.

Look at this point I think that you are pretty much a lost cause. Just promise me that you won’t hole up in some house. REMEMBER WACO? RUBY RIDGE? They will shoot your ass DEAD and burn you up! The trick is to keep moving as far and as fast as you can AWAY from the police. Whatever…you are an idiot. I’ll bet that you do wind up holed up in somebodies basement. Considering everything else that you have done so far, I figure you to screw up big that way.  You know what? I hope that it is an old retired Veteran’s house and he has a copy of FM 21-76, the S.E.R.E. manual, maybe a S.O.G. manual or two,  a few dozen old war movies like BAT-21, The Great Escape, Destination dawn, and any number of “aircraft down” movies…, maybe the entire “Bear Grillus” series?….ect    ….OH AND A MIRROR! So YOU can see the look on YOUR own face when YOU find out just how ignorant and stupid YOU ARE!

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