Bullies and Cyber bullies

Polk County Florida, somewhere near Tampa/Orlando……Crystal Lake Middle School…..The sherrif’s deputy began his presentation on Bullying and Cyber bullying.  Cnn was there to do a local puff piece. But one of the students would never see it….for her it was already too late. Rebbeca Ann Sedgewick age 12 had already taken her own life. For over a year and a half, Rebbeca had been the target of cyber bullying by 15 other girls. School authorities had been informed,  and her schedule had been changed so that she did not have any classes with the other girls. Her mother had pulled her out of school and homeschooled her last year, because of it. The sherrif department had been informed and a complaint filed…they dropped the case. This year she was in a whole new completely different school….except the cyber bullies found her…and THIS time she didn’t tell anybody…. Last Monday morning, Rebbeca Ann Sedgewick skipped school and after changing her online name to “that dead girl” and sending a message to a boy in North Carolina, telling him that she was going to jump…She walked the six blocks from her house to an abandoned cement plant and after climbing up on the mixing silos jumped to her death.

She was 12 years old and she had already endured a year and a half of intense bullying that even ran into the physical, by a GROUP OF 15 GIRLS.  15 girls BTW who are now facing felony charges.

You see, if CNN just happens to be filming your sherriff doing a presentation on bullying at the local middle school, the same day that a girl from that school commits suicide, because she was being bullied, and had reported it to you over a year prior…and you dropped the case….there ARE going to be repercussions! Congradulations Polk County…you just made nation wide television! Try covering your ass now!

While this blog post has the potential of becoming HUGE as in “This kind of crap pisses me the fuck off like nothing else!” kind of huge …say 15,000 words or so…I won’t subject you to that. Despite my ~occational~ bouts of PTFO (no comments from the peanut gallery there) I like my readers more than that….subjecting ANYBODY to 15,000 words of my choosing qualifies as torture under the Geneva convention.




My cousin laid her youngest child to rest today…a child that I will never get to meet.


Rest in peace Rebecca

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2 Responses to Bullies and Cyber bullies

  1. Odin says:

    My condolences to you and your family.

  2. So sorry this happened.

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