Lt. Cmdr. Nathan Christensen’s lies


~” an Army private with fewer than two years of service and no dependents earns on average about $40,400 annually, said Navy Lt. Cmdr. Nathan Christensen”~

I don’t know where the hell he is coming up with HIS figures, but a 30 second Google search proves him to be full of #$%$ Base pay for a private E-2 under two years service with no dependents is 1,699.80 a month with equals $20397.60 a year….and since he has no dependents he will not receive ” a housing allowance and a food allowance”. Yes his Medical care is free, in fact however he is REQUIRED to use military medical facilities when they are available (even if it means a two hour trip each way to do so), AND any civilian care must FIRST be approved (with the exception of medical emergencies) and is STILL subject to review by the military system and THEIR doctors. Got a cold or Flu? sorry but you can’t just call in sick, you HAVE to be seen by a military doctor FIRST who then approves you to be off (or not) for a specific amount of time (rarely more than 72 hours) during which you are essentially “restricted to quarters” except for meals (which BTW might mean a 1/2 mile trip to a mess facility where you can spread your Flu to all of your buddies). The only sets of uniforms that are “provided” are the initial issue sets and the yearly uniform allowance hardly pays for a single full uniform much less the required number so don’t wear out your uniforms too quickly kids…the rest comes out of YOUR pocket! The Uniform Allowance does NOT cover the cost of boots or dress uniforms either! Both of which you are required to have and maintain out of your own pocket! 17 years ago I was averaging $200-$300 a year for uniforms alone! Back then the allowance was $40.00 a year, which would just about (though not entirely) pay for ONE uniform…OR…One pair of issue style boots…not both!  I call B.S. on Lt. Cmdr. Nathan Christensen! Pay our troops properly and pay the pensions that were EARNED!

Again after a 30 second Google search (and some very basic math skills) …Lt. Cmdr. Nathan Christensen’s  Resume reads like a Madison Ave PR man’s wet dream and HIS Base pay is  however  $5,804.70 a month or 69,656.40 a year AND he gets A housing allowance of AT LEAST $1,153.50 a month (it could be up to 175.00 more) or between 13,842.0 and 15,942 a year. PLUS a Base subsistence allowance of $242.60 a month though there can be a “Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance” of up to an additional $1,100 a month (and since he works in the Pentagon…Want to bet that he gets the FULL amount of that?) JUST  going off his base pay charts HE brings in AT LEAST 86,409.60 though it COULD BE as high as 101,709.60 a year not counting anything else like family separation pay, travel pay, flight pay…..

I have NO tolerance for policos who use their position to LIE about how little our Military Enlisted and Retirees really make. I have NO DOUBT that it all makes sense to Lt.Cmdr Christensen after all what are a few enlisted men/women and retirees pensions compared to the furtherance of HIS Public Relations career. I’m sure that it all looks perfectly rosy to HIM, according to his resume he has never actually spent any time anywhere but behind a desk!

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